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Please welcome Ashlee Niebuhr, DC, ACP to her new Cincinnati practice at the LaValle Metabolic Institute.

Airrosti is now accepting patients at this new location!

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LMI has MOVED!!!
The LaValle Metabolic Institute is evolving!!! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gary Huber   
Monday, 14 April 2014 00:00

The LaValle Metabolic Institute is evolving!!! Nothing in life truly stays the same and LMI is no exception. I have been practicing integrative care at LMI for 7 years and served as the President & Medical Director for more than 3 years now. Over that time I have observed your individual needs and listened to your requests. Our objective is to take the best that LMI had to offer and add new services and processes to make your experience more enjoyable and more beneficial to your overall health. Here are a few of the improvements I am currently working on:

  •  Newphone system for more efficient communication
  •  Newelectronic medical record to track your progress
  •  HIPAAcompliant email communication to better serve you
  • New practitioners and new dermatological offerings
  • New weight loss program that encompasses the totality of your health
  • New on site meeting room for weekly educational offerings to the public

Jim LaValle played a role in bringing integrative health care to Cincinnati and we love him for his vision. With his blessing we are moving forward with a change in location, name and ownership. The new Huber Personalized Medicine practice will reflect my ongoing commitment to serve the mission of advanced integrative medical care.

Our new name: Huber Personalized Medicine
Our new location as of May 1st, 2014 will be: 8170 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 150, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Easy access immediately off of I-275 at Montgomery Road

Our phone number stays the same: (513) 924-5300
Our website is under construction but you can peek by going to: www.huberpm.com

We are very excited about new offerings that will make healthier living a fun and enjoyable journey. We are extending ourselves into our community and look forward to creating a unique dynamic that changes lives and inspires you to discover your ideal health.

Last Updated on Monday, 02 June 2014 10:47

Our Focus is Integrated Care.

 Our Goal is to Restore Your Health.


Your health is a result of the  experiences, exposures and lifestyle habits that you have acquired during your life.

Your metabolism, a dynamic balance of chemistry, manages those experiences.

Very often these experiences cause a break down in our metabolism and our health begins to suffer. For example, you may feel tired or anxious, develop sleeping difficulties, gain weight or increase your risk for disease.

Our goal is to identify the areas of breakdown of the normal metabolic process and restore them to full functioning through supplying the
missing nutrient or hormone, or by encouraging the release of personal stress, realigning the body through weight loss, readjusting the immune
system, and working to prevent future recurrences of the problem. This process takes time and careful study.

At the LaValle Metabolic Institute, board certified physicians work in the field of Integrated Care to address the full spectrum of health care.

Integrated Care simply means that we take the best of traditional medicine (medication, surgery, testing modalities) and combine it with other synergistic modalities such as nutritional therapy, nutritional supplements, lifestyle habits, stress management, exercise, meditation, and other forms of care such as chiropractic and acupuncture care, to arrive at a solution that corrects the cause of patient’s symptoms. Easing symptoms is important for improving quality of life but in order to facilitate true health and longevity we focus on addressing the CAUSE of illness. It’s not good enough to simply get a patients cholesterol into the “normal range”, we work to identify why the cholesterol was high in the first place and correct the physiology behind the number. We want to “optimize” your health and not just allow you to “get by”.

  • The goal in integrated care is to restore health.
  • The traditional practice of medicine has accomplished some amazing feats and we fully endorse and employ these practices to ensure our patients best health. But we blend that scientific approach with the scientific use of natural elements, backed by clinical research and proven with clinical trials. The result is a true pursuit of health and optimal living.
  • Integrative care is the pursuit of optimal health, of a dynamic body with excellent vitality, boundless energy, restful sleep, sharp mind, disease resistance, greater quality of life with less pain, greater movement, low blood pressure and heart rates, and excellent lab numbers that reflect a body in harmony with it’s environment. This is our quest!

    Do you have any of the following health issues?

    • ADD & ADHD
    • ASTHMA
    • AUTISM

    The doctors at LMI can help.  More information can be found on the FAQ Health Issues page.